We offer our customers Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) support service and development – if you need system modifications according to the requirements of your business. We organize our work as a remote service. That allows us to offer reasonable Prices.
Employee for rent (outstaffing)

Do you have much support work that demands a dedicated employee?

We are ready to offer you developers and consultants for rent – i.e. for outstaffing.

You are supposed to pass the task to the employee, manage his work and control the results. When the amount of work decreases you are free to cancel the contract. That is much more profitable than to take an additional consultant or developer in your staff.

The service is provided monthly, the minimum possible work volume – 150 hours per month.

Development on request

Do you have to modify your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)? A lot of development? We can estimate your technical description and pass it to you to confirm. If you agree with our labor costs – we sign up the contract and start working.

You have no technical description, do you? We are ready to provide it. Our consultant will collect the necessary data for the task (remote work) and prepare the technical description. After you confirm it we’ll start the development.


Do you need a consultant or a developer who can quickly accept your task and fix it?

Do you have many small tasks for the system modification which you prefer to show and explain orally?

Found a bug in your system? Need an urgent report that should be developed?

Our team is ready to analyze your task and fix it on time.

Labor costs include only actually spent time.